A weaver from Kostandovo, Bulgaria, where carpets for the British Royal Family, Courtesy of National Trust andother prestigious buildings are made. January 2014
At the foot of Rodopa Mountains, Bulgaria, situated in the village of Kostandovo, there is a small factory which produces one of the most beautiful art works made by human hands. Masterpieces which have taken years of practicing, an evidence containing the faiths of  women who have spent years on creating canvases, spreading their silent voices around the world.
          Hemus factory was established more than 20 years ago but in last 15 years the factory has proven the high quality of its products. There is no mass production and every carpet is handmade with no machines involved in the process. Types of weaving are different but approximately there are from 40 000 to 250 000 knots per square meter in a carpet. Every weaver can produce daily up to eight centimeters - 8 hour shift. Materials used in production are the finest, 100% natural wool and cotton, collected from local suppliers. The variety of colours is astonishing (6000 colours), the dye is made in Switzerland and it is ecologically harmless.
            Their work can be found in the most prestigious European buildings. Some years ago the British Royal Family ordered three french type carpets –104 square meters each, which were woven in one year time. Among their clients are: Beatrix of the Netherlands, Goodwood family, Mick Jagger, Jane Churchill, John Eliot. Other places where these carpets can be found are Bank of England, Goldsmith's Hall, Tony Blair's office, Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, Alnwick Castle, Sir John Soane's Museum, Albertina Museum Vienna and many others.
            An interesting tradition is inviting future owners to meet weavers and “to sign” the carpet. They usually make 2-3 knots with a different colour which personalizes it, makes it unique and increases its value.