MAN'S LAST GIFT (2015-    )
More than 140 000 people in Europe wait for the greatest hero in their life. This is the number of people who urgently need an organ transplant - a new heart, liver, kidney, lung or pancreas. The need for organs constantly increases - 6 new patients are added to the waiting list every hour, while 18 die every day. Being on the waiting list is a daily struggle,countless mornings between hope and despair, life and death.
“Man’s last gift” examines the process of organ donation in Bulgaria through the personal story of Georgi - a 21 year old man who saved four people with his death. “Man’s last gift” is a story about the families who give and people who receive. About the people who wait, the medics and the unknown heroes who complete the chain. It is a story about politics, science and humanity. A story about loss and hope.
This project started in the end of 2015 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019/20.